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Assista, founded in 1980, offers smart solutions for medical diagnostics. Our service goes far beyond selling analytical instruments: We sell, install, service and maintain as well as repair instruments for clinical  analysis if necessary. If you wish we even integrate your instruments into a laboratory information system that has been adapted to your specific needs. After successful implementation we facilitate your daily routine with a safe supply of consumables. Each of our customers is unique in his demands. But there is one thing that all have in common: The need for reliable solutions and services and a long lasting business relationship.

 „Your Partner in the Lab"


Our products serve almost all fields of clinical laboratory diagnostics starting from clinical chemistry over immunodiagnostics to fully automated microbiological analysis.

The combination of automated analyzer and a custom-tailored laboratory information system offers strong benefits to our customers: more efficient workflows of analysis and significantly facilitated documentation of processes and results. Our solutions focus on our customer's needs and cover as much as necessary or desired: It can simply be streaking of patient samples on agar plates to delegate repetitive tasks to a robot. But it can also be a fully automated sample-in-answer-out cyberlab executing, connecting and documenting various types of analysis.


Where great numbers of patient samples have to be accurately analyzed and results interpreted, verified and relayed under pressure of time, efficient and robust workflows, reliability and seamless documentation are of utmost importance. We assist you with these challenges.

  • Facilitated logistics
  • Mix-up proof
  • Seamless tracking
  • Timely results 24/7
  • Facilitated implementation of regulations by semi or fully automated specimen processing



NTE Healthcare has agreed with Assista Laborelectronics GmbH the AUTOPLAK distribution in Slovakia.

SENER Group's healthcare technology brand has signed a distribution contract with the Austrian firm Assista Laborelectronics GmbH.

Barcelona (Spain), June 30, 2016 - NTE Healthcare, part of the SENER engineering and technology group, has signed a distribution contract by which AUTOPLAK will be marketed in Slovakia through Assista Laborelectronics GmbH.

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